Spice Finch

The spice finch (Lonchura punctulata), also known as scaly-breasted munia, nutmeg manikin or spotted munia, is a member of the estrildid finch family. Being the size of a sparrow, it is brown in color with a dark cone-shaped bill and a yellowish-brown tail. They have gained immense popularity as cage birds in recent times. Continue reading Spice Finch

European Goldfinch

European goldfinch, or simply goldfinch, is a small beautiful bird of the finch family, originating from Europe. Goldfinches are characterized with a long, pointed beak for extracting seeds from teasels and searching thistle blossoms. Both the male and female goldfinches appear quite similar, but on close assessment, males can be distinguished by their larger darker masks extending behind the eye. During their breeding season, European goldfinches sport an all-white beak, without the blackish or grayish spot at the tip. Continue reading European Goldfinch

Rosey-Rump Waxbill (Crimson-Rumped Waxbill)

The rosy-rump waxbill, also known as the crimson rumped waxbill, Rosey-winged waxbill and Sundevall’s waxbill, belongs to the group of estrildid finch. Having a brownish-gray body and a dark bill, their eyes have crimson stripes with their feathers being marked with crimson patches. These monomorphic birds (identical males and females) are sometimes mistaken with Red-ear waxbills. Continue reading Rosey-Rump Waxbill (Crimson-Rumped Waxbill)

Domestic Canary

Domestic canary, commonly referred to just as canary, is the domesticated variety of wild canary, the small bird of the finch family native to the Macaronesian Islands. The first domestic canaries were brought to Europe by Spanish sailors, who bred the birds in captivity during the 17th century. These fashionable, expensive canaries were originally bred only in the royal courts of England and Spain, with the monks, breeding these birds selling only the cocks to prevent others from breeding them. Finally, the Italians managed to obtain hens and started breeding the canaries. Continue reading Domestic Canary

Strawberry Finch

The Strawberry Finch is an attractive sparrow-sized bird, originating from Asia. Characterized with colorful plumage, a vivid red bill, and a rounded black tail, it is a popular choice in aviculture. With rapid wing beats, they prefer to fly in small flocks, descending into clumping grasses, where they are not spotted easily. Unlike the females, the males sport a scarlet breeding plumage (during April-November). Continue reading Strawberry Finch

Owl Finch

The owl finch, also known as the double-barred or Bicheno finch, is characterized by a dark patch around their face. It gives them a barn owl like appearance, gaining them the name ‘owl’ finch. The males and females of the species looks almost the same, whereas the young ones have a more brownish appearance.

Continue reading Owl Finch

Cordon Bleu Waxbill

The bleu waxbill or cordon bleu waxbill is a genus of small finches native to Africa. With three recognized species, including the blue-capped cordon bleu waxbill (Uraeginthus cyanocephala), the blue-breasted cordon bleu waxbill (Uraeginthus angolensis), and the red-cheeked cordon bleu waxbill (Uraeginthus bengalus), the female finches of all these species have striking similarity with each other. The cocks have more extensive blue feathering, more intense and brighter than the hens. Continue reading Cordon Bleu Waxbill