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Gambel’s Quail Photos 0

Gambel’s Quail

The Gambel’s Quail, also called the Arizona quail, top knot quail or desert quail, dwell in the desert region of South America. Being named after the famous naturalist of the 19th century, William Gambel,...

European Linnet Bird 0

European Linnet

The European Linnet (Carduelis cannabina) is a long-tailed songbird, slightly smaller than a sparrow, which belongs to the finch family, Fringillidae. It is a slim bird with a brown body, an off-white throat, and...

Pacific Parrotlet Photos 0

Pacific Parrotlet

Pacific parrotlet is a kind of small parrot found in the South American countries of Ecuador and Peru.

Ringneck Parakeet Pictures 0

Ringneck Parakeet

The ringneck parakeet (Psittacula krameri), belonging to the Parrot family, is a beautiful bird characterized by a yellowish-green plumage, long tail and a rounded, hooked bill of pinkish-red color. Being dimorphic, adult males are...

European Greenfinch Bird 0

European Greenfinch

European Greenfinch, also called greenfinch, is a small bird of the finch species, having resemblance to a house sparrow in terms of size. Having a characteristic thick, conical pinkish bill, the greenfinch can easily...

Spice Finch Images 0

Spice Finch

The spice finch (Lonchura punctulata), also known as scaly-breasted munia, nutmeg manikin or spotted munia, is a member of the estrildid finch family. Being the size of a sparrow, it is brown in color...

Society Finch Pictures 0

Society Finch

The Society Finch (Lonchura Striata domestica), also called the Bengalese finch or Japanese Movchen, belonging to the estrildid finch family, is a cage bird not found in the wild. This monomorphic species is characterized...

European Goldfinch Photos 0

European Goldfinch

European goldfinch, or simply goldfinch, is a small beautiful bird of the finch family, originating from Europe. Goldfinches are characterized with a long, pointed beak for extracting seeds from teasels and searching thistle blossoms....

Gray Singing Finch Images 0

Gray Singing Finch

The Gray singing finch, also known as the White-rumped seedeater, White-rumped serin or Gray canary, belonging to the Fringillidae family is characterized by a gray body, conical beak , pale pink legs and a beautiful...

Crimson Rumped Waxbill Photos 0

Rosey-Rump Waxbill (Crimson-Rumped Waxbill)

The rosy-rump waxbill, also known as the crimson rumped waxbill, Rosey-winged waxbill and Sundevall’s waxbill, belongs to the group of estrildid finch. Having a brownish-gray body and a dark bill, their eyes have crimson...