Big Pet Birds

If you have the space and the experience, you might be interested in keeping a big bird like a cockatoo or a macaw as a pet. However, a few things should be worth noting – these birds tend to be quite loud and long-lived, making them difficult to maintain.

Despite these issues, these birds are pretty playful and intelligent and can go on to become affectionate companions.

Big Pet Birds

1. Black Palm Cockatoo

One of the largest cockatoos, the black palm cockatoo is quite docile but not as affectionate as other parrots.

They have dark grey feathers covering red patches of skin only visible on their faces.

Length: 22-24 inchesWeight: 32-48 ouncesWingspan: 27.5-39 inches

2. Blue-and-gold Macaw

They are intelligent if extremely vocal, birds that can be affectionate pets.

Their wings, tail, and back are covered with beautiful blue feathers, while the plumage of their breasts is a golden yellow. The top of their heads is green.

Length: 30-36 inchesWeight: 28-46 ouncesWingspan: 41-45 inches

3. Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot

These parrots are excellent at mimicking speech and are even capable of singing songs.

As their name indicates, these parrots have bright yellow heads, green feathers covering their bodies, and white skin visible in patches around their eyes.

Length: 15-17 inchesWeight: 16-23 ouncesWingspan: 8-8.5 inches

4. Eclectus Parrot

These birds are known to be a bit laid back, but they are known to become depressed if their caretakers ignore them for too long.

These parrots are dimorphic, i.e., the two genders can be distinguished based on their appearances. The male Eclectus parrot is a bright emerald green with an orange beak, while the females are bright red with black beaks.

Length: 17-20 inchesWeight: 13-19 ouncesWingspan: 8-10 inches

5. Hyacinth Macaw

The hyacinth is a large parrot that requires a lot of space to house properly. However, if such space is available, these birds will go on to become loving companions.

These birds have cobalt blue feathers all over their bodies and patches of yellow around their eyes and mouths.

Length: 35-40 inchesWeight: 42-51 ouncesWingspan: 15.3-16.7 inches

6. Military Macaw

While not quite as talkative as other macaws, the military macaw is known to be quite pleasant and friendly if adequately trained.

These macaws are covered with green feathers, except for the tuft of red feathers on their faces

Length: 27.5-33.5 inchesWeight: 32-38 ouncesWingspan: 33-43 inches

7. Red-and-green Macaw

These are one of the most docile macaws and aren’t known to make too much noise, making them good pets if you have the space.

Their plumage consists of red, green, and turquoise feathers.

Length: 26-40 inchesWeight: 32-60 ouncesWingspan: 41-49 inches

8. Scarlet Macaw

While similar to the red-and-green macaw, the scarlet macaw is quite the opposite. It is known for its high energy and loudness, though it can be just as affectionate.

Their appearance is similar to the red-and-green macaw, except they also have yellow feathers.

Length: 31-38 inchesWeight: 32-39 ouncesWingspan: 44-47 inches

9. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Raising a sulphur-crested cockatoo can be quite demanding, given their high energy and need for daily attention. But these birds are long-lived and can end up being companions for life.

As their name indicates, these birds have yellow tufts of feathers on their heads.

Length: 15-20 inchesWeight: 12-31 ouncesWingspan: 40-41 inches

10. Umbrella Cockatoo

These birds love to cuddle up – with their humans or other birds – and become agitated if starved for attention.

These birds can be recognized from the white crest of feathers on their head that can unfurl like an umbrella.

Length: 18 inchesWeight: 16-26 ouncesWingspan: 22 inches