Small Pet Birds

Some people don’t have enough space to keep a large bird and prefer something a little low-maintenance that takes up much less space. A small pet bird can be just as affectionate as a large one and can give their caretakers a lot of joy.

Small Pet Birds

List of Small Pet Birds

1. Finch

Finches are tiny birds that should be kept in groups as they are social. They do not prefer human interaction and require large cages comparative to their size.

Length: 3-5 inchesWeight: 0.5 ounces

2. Pacific Parrotlet

Nicknamed the “Pocket Parrot,” the Pacific parrotlet species is the most common. These birds love to spend time with their owners and can even mimic a few words.

Length: 4-5 inchesWeight: 1 ounce

3. Canary

While these birds do not like being handled, they make up for it with their melodious voices.

Length: 4-6 inchesWeight: 0.5-1 ounces

4. Lovebird

Despite the common misconception, keeping a single lovebird in a cage is possible if its caretakers spend enough time with them. These interactions are necessary to ensure that they don’t develop behavioral issues. These brightly colored birds can also make very high-pitched sounds, but they mostly make them to each other and not to their humans.

Length: 5-7 inchesWeight: 2 ounces

5. Diamond Dove

One of the smallest dove species, the diamond dove makes lovely cooing noises, which most humans find pretty pleasing. However, they are a bit delicate, so handle them with care.

Length: 6-8 inchesWeight: 1.23 ounces

6. Budgerigar

Also called the common parakeet, the budgerigar is a talkative bird that requires attention either from other members of its species or their caretakers. They are highly active and love toys in their cage to play with.

Length: 6-9 inchesWeight: 1-1.4 ounces

7. Bourke’s Parakeet

These birds are known for being docile and should not be kept with aggressive birds. If a single bird is kept, then its caretaker should give it time and attention to prevent it from feeling lonely.

Length: 7.1-9.1 inchesWeight: 2 ounces

8. Senegal Parrot

While the idea of a quite and calm parrot seems almost astounding, the Senegal parrot’s behavior makes it an ideal pet for people who like a quiet environment.

Length: 9 inchesWeight: 4.2-6.0 ounces

9. Serama Chicken

Seramas are the world’s smallest chicken breed and are often kept as indoor pets. Like all chickens they can be pretty loud and messy, but are friendly and affectionate toward their humans.

Length: 6-10 inchesWeight: 8.8-17.6 ounces

10. Green-cheeked Conure

These parrots are affectionate and love to play. But they require a lot of attention to prevent them from acting out of depression, so only owners who can give them that time should own one.

Length: 8-10 inchesWeight: 2-3 ounces

11. Black-headed Caique

Black-headed caiques are known to be quite energetic and exhibit chewing behavior and other destructive tendencies if that behavior is left unchecked. Despite this, they can be quite fun to be around because of how personable they are.

Length: 9-10 inchesWeight: 4.5–6 ounces

12. White-fronted Amazon

The white-fronted Amazon parrot is a tame bird that can be a friendly, intelligent, long-lived companion. It is the smallest of the Amazon parrots, capable of imitating over 30 sounds.

Length: 9.8 inchesWeight: 7.6 ounces

13. Cockatiel

These birds are very chill and friendly and love their owners. One can tell their mood from the position of the crest on their head; when they are straight, they are afraid or curious, and when flat, they tend to be worried.

Length: 12-13 inchesWeight: 3 ounces