Colorful Parrots

Parrots are some of the most beautiful birds on the planet, coming in various colors. However, some have plumage made up of feathers of various hues, making them stand out among their peers. We have compiled a list of these beautiful multicolored parrots below.

Colorful Parrots

Different Types of Colorful Parrots


Eclectus Parrots

  • Moluccan Eclectus


  • Blue-streaked Lory
  • Brown Lory
  • Chattering Lory
  • Collared Lory
  • Dusky Lory
  • Yellow-bibbed Lory
  • Yellow-streaked Lory


Amazon Parrots

Pionus Parrots


  • Little Lorikeet
  • Mitchell’s Lorikeet
  • Mount Apo Lorikeet
  • Olive-headed Lorikeet
  • Ornate Lorikeet
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Red-collared Lorikeet
  • Red-flanked Lorikeet
  • Red-fronted Lorikeet
  • Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
  • Stella’s Lorikeet




Shining Parrots

  • Masked Shining Parrot
  • Maroon Shining Parrot

Fig Parrots

  • Salvadori’s Fig Parrot
  • Large Fig Parrot

African Parrots

King Parrots

  • Moluccan King Parrot
  • Australian King Parrot
  • Papuan King Parrot

Hanging Parrots

  • Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot
  • Philippine Hanging Parrot
  • Sula Hanging Parrot


1. Why do some parrots display more color than others?

There are several reasons why parrots are so colorful. For starters, parrots generate their own pigmentation (psittacofulvins), while other birds get it through their diet. As to why some parrots are more colorful, larger birds like macaws and cockatoos do not fear attacks from predators. Therefore, they have no need for coloration that would serve as effective camouflage in their environment. Also, parrots with dull hues tend to live in damp conditions, where feather-degrading bacteria are common.