Small Parrots

Small parrots are easy to keep and maintain as pets. So they make great pets for beginners. At the same time, their amusing personalities and cute looks also endear them to seasoned bird enthusiasts. Those enlisted here score with their social traits, vivid plumage, and affectionate nature, making them a hit with bird lovers worldwide. So you can learn more about the unique personality, size, weight, lifespan, and pocket pinch for owning each kind of tiny parrot.

Small Parrots

Types of Small Parrots

1. Parrotlets

Parrotlets, known as “pocket parrots,” are among the world’s tiniest. Pacific and green-rumped parrotlets are the most common species. They can be trained to speak a few words but are not great talkers. These spirited birds’ playful and curious dispositions are a treat to watch. They get along well with their breed but not other birds.

Length: 3-5.5”Weight: 18-28 gLifespan: 20-30 yearsCost: Pacific parrotlet – $250-$350;
Green-rumped parrotlet – $150-$600

2. Lovebirds

These small, petite birds have friendly and curious personalities. They develop deep relationships with their mates but need not always be kept in pairs. Most pet owners have found that when kept singly, with adequate human attention, they develop stronger bonds with the owner. The most common lovebirds are the Fischer’s and yellow-collared lovebirds.

Length: 5-7”Weight: 40-60 gLifespan: 15-25 yearsCost: Fischer’s lovebird – $50-$150;
Yellow-collared lovebird – $80-$400

3. Budgie

Regarded as one of the most popular pet birds, budgies are social birds that thrive on interaction. The intelligent, colorful hookbills are quieter than most parrots but like learning new tricks and can mimic sounds. 

Length: 7-8”Weight: 30-40 gLifespan: 7-15 yearsCost: $10-$35

4. Bourke’s Parakeet

Bourke’s parakeets make wonderful pets with soft pastel plumage and gentle nature. Their calm demeanor and mellow vocalizations make them suitable for apartment living. While they may not be as adept at mimicry as certain other parrot species, they make up for it with their friendly and sociable personalities.

Length: 7-8”Weight: 45 gLifespan: 5-8 yearsCost: $150-$500

5. Meyer’s Parrot

The Meyer’s parrot can easily catch a bird enthusiast’s fancy with its striking green plumage and playful personality. The intelligent and inquisitive bird is highly regarded as an affectionate and social pet. It is excellent at learning tricks, mimicking words, and engaging with its owner.

Length: 8-9”Weight: 120 gLifespan: 25 years and aboveCost: $500-$1000

6. Cockatiel

These popular pets delight owners with their playful dispositions and loving personalities. Though they can learn to speak a few words, they are more adept at mimicking household sounds like doorbells and telephones.

Length: 12-13”Weight: 250 gLifespan: 15-25 yearsCost: $75-$350

7. Quaker Parrot

These low-maintenance birds have beautiful coloration and easy nature. Their plumage has various bright colors like green, yellow, blue, and red. They are known for their charming, comical personalities and eagerness to learn human speech.

Length: 9-11”Weight: 40-100 gLifespan: 15 yearsCost: $250-$550

8. Green-cheeked Conure

Green-cheeked conures are the smallest of all conures and are very quiet. They require daily care and attention from the owner to stay healthy and happy. Regarded as “mini clowns” of the avian world, they love to roll upside down, hang, and play for hours on end.

Length: 10”Weight: 57-85 gLifespan: 20-25 yearsCost: $400-$1300

9. Sun Conure

Sun conures are vividly-colored birds that owe their popularity to their social, loving, and outgoing nature. They have loud calls and can be taught various tricks like climbing stairs up and down, playing fetch, etc.

Length: 6-10”Weight: 100 gLifespan: 15-30 yearsCost: $400-$1000

10. Senegal Parrot

Though native to Asian and African regions, Senegal parrots can handle colder temperatures with proper care. It is mainly because of their unique feathers that are shorter than most small parrots. They also give the bird a rounder shape. The usually quiet pet has a loving and affectionate personality.

Length: 8-10”Weight: 113-170 gLifespan: 20-30 yearsCost: $800-$1500


Q. What is the name of a small parrot with a long tail?

A. Quaker parrots and Bourke’s parakeets are small parrot breeds will long tails.