Black Pet Birds

When thinking of birds with black plumage, the mind quickly conjures images of corvids like crows, magpies, and ravens. However, keeping these birds in cages as pets in several places worldwide, including the United States, is illegal.

However, multiple beautiful birds can be kept as pets that are covered with black feathers all over, like some cockatoos, finches, and even exotic ones like toucans. We have compiled a list of birds, either entirely or mainly black, that can be domesticated.

Black Pet Birds

List of Birds with a Natural Black Coloration

These birds have naturally black plumage. Black plumage is excellent for absorbing UV light, so these feathers are great for birds that live at relatively high altitudes.



  • Black-and-yellow Grosbeak
  • Black Rosy-finch
  • Black Siskin
  • St. Lucia Black Finch
  • Dusky Twinspot
  • Gray-headed Nigrita
  • Pale-fronted Nigrita
  • Black-and-white Mannikin
  • Western Bluebill


  • Gray-winged Blackbird
  • Indian Blackbird
  • Common Blackbird
  • Chinese Blackbird
  • Karoo Thrush


  • Channel-billed Toucan
  • Choco Toucan
  • Keel-billed Toucan
  • Toco Toucan
  • White-throated Toucan
  • Yellow-throated Toucan 

List of Birds that have a Black Coloration due to Mutation

These birds are not usually known to have black plumage. Instead, for reasons like the selective breeding of birds with traits that might give them that color, the following can be found as a “black morph.” However, it is essential to note that unscrupulous sellers may try to mislead unaware buyers by dyeing them or other means.


1. How do black pet birds get their color?

The black color of these birds comes from a natural pigment called melanin, which is also responsible for the color of human hair and skin.