Parrotlets are small parrots belonging to the 3 genera, ForpusTouit, and Nannopsittaca. The smallest of all New World parrots, these birds are native to Central and South America but are popular as pets worldwide. The Pacific and green-rumped species are the most common in the pet trade.

Types of Parrotlets


Here is a list of all the different types of parrotlets based on their genus:


  • Pacific Parrotlet (Celestial Parrotlet)
  • Green-rumped Parrotlet
  • Yellow-faced Parrotlet
  • Spectacled Parrotlet
  • Mexican Parrotlet
  • Turquoise-winged Parrotlet
  • Cobalt-rumped Parrotlet
  • Dusky-billed Parrotlet (Sclater’s Parrotlet)
  • Riparian Parrotlet


  • Red-fronted Parrotlet
  • Lilac-tailed Parrotlet
  • Golden-tailed Parrotlet
  • Blue-fronted Parrotlet (Red-winged Parrotlet)
  • Sapphire-rumped Parrotlet
  • Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet
  • Spot-winged Parrotlet
  • Brown-backed Parrotlet


  • Tepui Parrotlet
  • Manu Parrotlet (Amazonian Parrotlet)

Color Morphs

The Pacific parrotlet comes in several colors and combinations thanks to selective breeding. Though the wild parrotlets are primarily green, its color morphs include:

Colors of Parrotlets

  • Albino
  • American Turquoise
  • American White
  • American Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Creamino
  • Fallow
  • Grey
  • Lutino
  • Marble
  • Pied
  • Cinnamon
  • Misty
  • Dark Factor

Parrotlets as Pets

Their feisty aggressive nature has not dampened their popularity in the pet trade. But it is important to mention that parrotlets are not recommended for aviaries. They are better kept as pairs, as they bond well with a mate. If trained and handed from a young age, the birds can also form strong bonds with their humans.

But, given their aggression, and propensity to bite, it is better to keep children away from them.


Are parrotlets loud birds?

They are not considered too noisy, especially since they are not typically kept in large groups.

Do parrotlets talk? 

Though not among the most talkative birds, some parrotlets can learn to talk and develop an impressive vocabulary for their size. However, all parrotlets are not guaranteed to pick up speech when taught.

How long do parrotlets live? 

Parrotlets can live for 10 to 15 or even 20 years in captivity with proper care.

How much does a parrotlet cost?

Parrotlets are among the more expensive pet birds, with the price for a single bird starting from $100 and going up to $400.