Blue Parrots

Blue is a rare color in the animal kingdom, especially among birds. However, several birds have developed blue plumage, either naturally or through selective breeding of mutations.

Blue Parrots

List of Blue Parrots

1. Blue Quaker Parrot

While these parrots are generally green, a blue mutation was developed in the early 2000s. Their undersides are grey, including their breasts and throat.

These parrots can learn a wide array of words and mimic them fluently. They form close bonds with their caretakers.

Length: 11-12 inchesWeight: 3-5 ounces

2. Blue-and-gold Macaw

These macaws are among the most beautiful birds on the planet, with blue feathers making up their wings and tails, yellow feathers on their undersides, white skin only visible around the eyes, and black beaks.

While they can be loud and require ample space to maintain correctly, these birds are pretty personable and great pets

Length: 30-36 inchesWeight: 28-46 ounces

3. Blue-crowned Conure

As its name indicates, this parrot has a deep blue head. They also have green feathers all over their bodies, reddish tail feathers, white rings around their eyes, pink legs, and a tan beak.

This bird is quite friendly but requires a lot of time outside its cage, otherwise, it becomes agitated.

Length: 15 inchesWeight: 3-6 ounces

4. Blue-headed Pionus

Like the blue-crowned conure, these birds have a blue head and neck. Besides that, their wings are made up of green feathers, black patches on the sides of their heads, and red feathers on their throats and the underside of their tails.

These parrots are curious and can be loud if kept in their cages too long. However, they are generally gentle and love human company.

Length: 11 inchesWeight: 8-9 ounces

5. Blue-throated Macaw

Often confused for the blue-and-gold macaw, the blue-throated macaw can be distinguished with the help of its characteristic blue throat.

It is also far more aggressive than the blue-and-gold macaw, so only experienced owners should attempt to keep one. However, they are quite intelligent, and the challenge of rearing one can be quite rewarding.

Length: 33 inchesWeight: 32-39 ounces

6. Budgerigar

While these birds are usually green and yellow, several morphs have been developed in captivity – including blue. Besides their predominantly blue bodies, black streaks can be observed on top of these birds’ heads.

These birds are great pets regardless of whether you’re a novice or an expert, and several can live together in harmony.

Length: 6-8 inchesWeight: 1 ounce

7. Hyacinth Macaw

With its dark blue plumage contrasting sharply with the yellow areas around its eyes and mouth, the hyacinth macaw has quite a striking visage.

These birds can be very friendly but require a lot of time and patience to take care of. Only experienced owners should attempt to rear one, even those who can afford it.

Length: 40 inchesWeight: 42-51 ounces

8. Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Selective breeding has led to several color mutations of this usually bright green bird to develop. Naturally, this also includes a blue one.

If kept as pets, it is essential to be mindful that they require a lot of time to socialize, and their behavior can be quite destructive as they are known to chew through things.

Length: 14-17 inchesWeight: 4 ounces

9. Lear’s Macaw

Very similar to the hyacinth macaw, Lear’s macaw is smaller to accommodate. However, it is scarce to find nowadays because it is endangered in the wild.

Length: 27-29 inchesWeight: 32-34 ounces

10. Pacific Parrotlet

Another bird selectively bred to give a blue color, the Pacific parrotlet, is a tiny bird suitable for people who do not have a lot of space. However, these birds are just as personable and affectionate and still require daily handling by their caretakers.

Length: 4-5 inchesWeight: 1 ounce

11. White-capped Pionus

While the top of this bird’s head is white, most of its head and body are a deep blue. Its wings and lower regions are green in color. These birds are easy to maintain and are friendly towards their humans. However, they still need time out of their cages to stay healthy.

Length: 9 inchesWeight: 7-8 ounces