Best Cage Heaters for Birds

Birds often fall sick, and some even lose their lives when exposed to extreme colds. Hence, keeping it warm particularly during the winter months should be the owner’s ultimate point of concern. Some measures include moving the cage to a location away from the reach of cold drafts, as well as increasing humidity indoors.

Why Do You Need Cage Heaters for Your Birds

Your bird would need a cage heater to get instant warmth, particularly when it becomes too cold and starts showing symptoms like tucking its beak into its chest, shivering, or even fluffing up.

Artificial heating techniques include heat bulbs, thermo perch, heat emitters, full-spectrum lighting, or cage warmers.  Cage heaters also come of great help when the temperature is excessively chilling, or in case the room they are in does not generate the required warmth.

Birds differ from one another in terms of climatic adaptations and temperature requirements. Hence, checking their ideal temperature range and setting the heater accordingly is of utmost importance.

Cage Heater for Birds

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Cage Heater


  • Oil-filled radiators circulate heat uniformly throughout the room, being helpful for owners having many birds living together in a single habitation.
  • Ceramic heat emitters provide warmth over an increased surface area, though not the entire room like the oil-filled radiators.
  • Full-spectrum lighting helps to maintain the bird’s overall health, besides generating heat because of the UVA and UVB radiations present in them.
  • Incandescent heat bulbs though commonly used for reptiles, work well for birds too, providing them with a warm spot instead of heating the entire enclosure.
  • Cage warmers give birds the required warmth when installed in their cage.
  • Thermo perch generates therapeutic warmth, relieving them from the cold drafts when they sit on it. An additional benefit of the thermo perch is that it gives birds the liberty of getting on and off it as per their need.


The size of the heating equipment should fit in the cage quite well and spread the heat uniformly. Keeping large ones in a small dwelling place could make it difficult for the bird to move about comfortably. On the other hand, a small bulb or heater placed in a big cage would not allow proper heat circulation.


In the case of cage heaters, the thermostat plays a significant role in controlling the temperature. The heat should be regulated in a manner to comfort the bird, rather than hurting it when it gets close to the source.

Thermo perches and bulbs also must be warm to touch, though not too hot. Moreover, the bulbs should not contain harmful PTFE or other toxic substances that can cause hazards. The wiring of the cage heaters must also be secured.


Heat emitters, bulbs, or cage warmers that are water and weatherproof have a greater durability.


The cost factor prevails above everything else. You would want a cage heater providing ultimate warmth and comfort to your bird at a reasonable price, though.

3 Best Cage Heaters for Birds to Keep Them Warm Indoors and Outdoors

1. K&H Pet Products Snuggle-Up Bird Warmer – 12 Volt Grey Small

Plus points

It keeps the birds pleasantly warm, without the risk of getting overheated or burnt. The product is easy to install in the cage. The cord remains enclosed within the metal arranged in a way that it is out of the bird’s reach.


Some mention it of not radiating sufficient heat needed to provide warmth to the bird. The power adapter coming with the product is said to have not lasted for more than 2 years.

Bottom line

This cage warmer is versatile enough and is apt for all sizes of birds.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Perch Heated Bird Perch Regular Finish

Plus points

The shape of the perch is such that it lessens possibilities of foot cramping and pressure sores when a bird sits on it. The sturdy plastic it is made up of is non-toxic as well as scratch or bite-resistant.


The previously manufactured products were better in terms of quality and longevity. The perch is also a little too smooth in texture, increasing possibilities of the bird to slip. Some have expressed concerns of overheating, though a few owners state that sitting on the perch for long could lead to a warm compress on the bird’s skin but not burn it.

Bottom line

On the whole, it gives birds sufficient warmth needed to keep them comfortable during the chilly weather.

Zoo Med Labs Aviansun Deluxe Floor Lamp with Aviansun

Plus points

Besides adding brightness to the cage because of its increased light output, it also comforts the bird from the chilling cold. In this way, conditions like feather plucking that aggravates in winters remain under control. The bigger base gives it increased stability.


The product is a little pricey, while a few owners have spoken of the bulb in the lamp dying out within a month or two of use.

Bottom line

Bright and warm, this can be your bird’s perfect companion during the dark, cold season.

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind While Using a Bird Heater

  • Place lamps and bulbs adjacent to the cage but outside since they can get heated up and injure your pet when touched.
  • Any cables or cords of the heating device should be out of the bird’s reach so that they may not chew them up and also to avoid any instance of electrocution.
  • While installing a heater, select a location where the device is safeguarded from rains and bad weather, even if they are water or weatherproof.
  • After installing a cage heater, monitor your bird from time to time to prevent any instance of overheating. If your bird’s body is excessively hot, it could show symptoms like stretching its wings, extending its neck, or breathing heavily.

If you keep the bird in a room with a heater installed, go for the infrared ones, which are safer than those functioning on kerosene and gas as the fumes and smoke emitted by them can have an adverse effect on the pets.

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