Finch Cages: How to Keep the Birds Properly

Keeping pet birds in good condition primarily means providing them with lots of space, and it’s no different with finches. Despite being small- to medium-sized, these active birds require a sizable cage to lead a healthy, happy life. Maintenance of the bird and the cage is relatively budget-friendly compared to larger birds, but it will require you to dedicate a lot of time.

It is extremely crucial to understand a finch’s housing requirements and make sure that you will be able to provide for it before you get the bird.

Finch Cage and Housing

Cage Conditions for Housing Pet Finches

Can Finches Live Alone
  • Finches should ideally be kept in breeding pairs.
  • Depending on species, some may be kept in a same-sex pair for avoiding breeding (make sure to get an expert opinion regarding which finches can be kept like this)
Can Finches be Housed Together with Other Birds like Canaries and Parrots
  • They can share a cage with small birds like budgerigars
  • Canaries and parrots are not recommended as they may abuse the small finches and it can turn into a fight
Cage Shape and Size (for a pair)
  • Square or rectangle shapes are the best as finches tend to look for corners for shelter
  • At least 60”x50”x60” large
  • ½ inches or more bar spacing, otherwise the little birds can get their head stuck in the bars
Cage Material
  • Stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, wrought iron are good
  • The coating should have non-toxic PVC powder as finches tend to chew on the bars
Cage Accessories
  • Hardwood non-toxic perches, ideally located on the two extreme sides of the cage so they don’t create any hindrance while the finches glide inside
  • A cuttlebone as a source of calcium
  • A birdbath as finches like to keep clean (if installing inside the cage, make sure it doesn’t become too crowded)
  • Small nest box (optional) that does not take too much space
  • Cage cover at night
  • The grate should preferably be removable
Ideal Location and Environment for Keeping the Cage
  • Near open windows, free from draft
  • Exposure to direct sunlight is essential to get vitamin D3 that keeps their bones strong.
Cage Maintenance
  • Cleaning and disinfecting once a week with a pet-safe detergent
  • Cleaning food and water bowls twice a day

Things to Remember Before Buying the Finch and Its Cage

Ideally, the cage should be bought and placed in a good location in advance because once you get your finches, and keep them in the cage, they should not be moved again.

Regarding Space in the Cage

  • These active birds prefer flying to climbing, so the cage needs to be horizontally more spacious than vertically.
  • Each bird should have about 20cm wide space to itself in the cage at all time for it to not feel confined. So make sure you get a cage that is large enough

Regarding Cage Placement

Make sure you can meet these standards for keeping the cage in an ideal place:

  • Any room with fluctuating temperatures (due to AC or coolers) or exposure to air freshener/perfume is not suitable for a finch
  • The cage should not be accessible to pets like cats and dogs
  • Hanging, lifting, and changing the cage’s position randomly might stress the timid birds. So, don’t move the cage at all unless you have to, and even then make sure you are moving it for good at once.
  • Keep your birds away from noisy places, like a drawing room with frequent visitors.

Once you house your finches, look if the birds are comfortable inside. A stressed bird may show self-destructive behavior like feather-plucking.

Our Recommendations for Finch Cage

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

A wrought-iron cage having three perches, with the whole setup being easy to assemble yourself. The swift wheels and the removable tray make it easier for you to move and clean.

Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage

Flight Finch Cage

Steel cage to last longer, with the two removable cups having easy access from outside for you to fill them and clean them.

Yaheetech 39” Roof Top Large Metal Bird Cage w/Toys

Roof Top Large Metal Finch Bird Cage

Corrosion-proof metal cage with slide-out trays so it’s easy for you to clean. Comes with attached ladders and toys.

Nova Microdermabrasion 53″ Rolling Wrought Iron Bird Cage W/Stand Perch

Rolling Wrought Iron Finch Bird Cage

This cage has three feeder doors and one slide-out tray with extra space at the bottom. There are a couple of gaps at the top and bottom, so when housing finches, you need to block them; plastic strings or zip ties may work.

You & Me Finch Rectangle Flight Cage

Finch Rectangle Flight Cage

The rectangle shape of the cage gives your bird enough space to glide, while the rods and food bowls are quite evenly spaced so there is no hindrance. It also has a side door.

Yaheetech 36″ Portable Hanging Medium Size Bird Cage

Portable Hanging Medium Size Finch Bird Cage

Has two large doors that give you easy access into the cage; There is a cute swing attached to keep your birds entertained. But, the cage is quite large, so make sure you have enough space for it.

Before setting it up, make sure to check that the color of the cage is not coming off, or your bird may accidentally ingest it. Also, check each of the locks and hinges to see if they are functioning properly. Never clutter the cage with toys and accessories as it gives the birds less space to move, while also making it difficult to clean.

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