Bali Mynah

The Bali mynah, scientifically known as Leucopsar rothschildi, has become an endangered species but as far as breeding is concerned, that is the legitimate way of keeping up the numbers of the bird. The medium-sized bird is extremely social.

Bali Mynah

Quick Information

Other names Bali myna, Bali starling, jalak Bali, and Rothschild’s mynah
Color White body, pale yellow or blue around the legs and eyes, yellow bill, the wingtip and tail tip are both black
Size Around 9.8 in (25 cm)
Weight 2.65-3.35 oz (75-94 g)
Distribution Bali of Indonesia
Habitat Savannah, open forests
Diet Fruits, seeds, insects, and worms
Breeding season Rainy season
Breeding age 1 year
Clutch size 2-3 eggs
Incubation period 12-15 days
Fledging 15-25 days
Lifespan Around 7.5 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity
IUCN Conservation Status Critically Endangered
Temperament as pets Friendly
Maintenance requirements Medium
Noise level “tschick, tschick, tschick,” “creer”, and “kwik-kwi”
Talking ability Some can talk

As pets


A cage sizing 2X4X2 ft is enough for the bird. Inside the cage, natural perches can be placed for the grooming of the bird’s nails.

Bali Mynah Nest
Bali Starling


Average room temperatures are sufficient for the mynah bird, just make sure it doesn’t get too hot or cold for the little bird.


These social mynahs love to play and communicate with owners. But, trying to tame a wild bird is never right, so make sure you get a hand reared mynah to have as a pet. If you manage to get a pair, then make sure not to disturb them during the breeding season, as they become aggressive.


Give the pet bird seeds, berries, fruits, caterpillars, grasshoppers, termites and ants. There are commercially available pelleted foods as well.

Bali Mynah Bird
Bali Mynah Habitat


The cage and its bowls should be cleaned thoroughly, so is the bird. To maintain its plumage, it requires bathing on a daily basis.

Health problems

Hemochromatosis meaning the problem of iron storage is the main ailment that might affect the bird.


Since it’s a rare bird it is very hard to tell the price.

Bali Mynah Picture
Bali Mynah Photo

Interesting Facts

  • In 1912, the species was first discovered.
  • This bird happens to be the official bird of the Island, Bali.

Video: Bali Maynah Singing



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