6 Best Bird Cage Covers with Reviews

A cover for a bird cage is not a necessary accessory, but it is certainly useful for a plethora of reasons; some of which are evident, like they block out light, thus giving the bird a chance at a good night’s sleep. But, there are other things to consider as well. Cage covers are especially important during winter when it helps keep the temperature suitable for the inhabitants of the cage.

Drafts, especially for fragile birds like canaries, can cause a lot of health problems. A good, thick bird cage cover serves in blocking out such drafts and keeping the temperature suitable for your feathered friend. Set sleeping patterns are a must for pet birds, deprived of which, they can become cranky and nippy, the latter often to convey the fact to the owners that they are tired.

Top 6 Cage Covers for Birds

Brand Type Rating

1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover

Black, large Check Price

2. Pets Product Universial Birdcage Cover-PONY DANCE

Washable, breathable, fade resistant material Check Price

3. Vision Small Bird Cage Night Cover

Lightweight, Velcro fabric Check Price

4. Dome Top Cage by Cozzzy Covers

Dome shape, loose fitting Check Price

5. Gooday Bird Cage Cover

Light proof, rain proof, wind proof, polyester Check Price

6. OMEM Universal Bird Cage Cover Green

Green, polyester cover Check Price

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Bird Cage Cover

  • Size

Get a cover that fits the cage perfectly. In case it is a bit larger than the cage, you can always roll or fold up from the sides, but if it is smaller it would not be able to cover the cage entirely, letting in light and noise through to the bird.

  • Material

The material with which the cover is made should match three criteria:

  1. The bird should be able to breathe through it
  2. It must block the sun
  3. It should be made only of non-toxic stuff

Polyester and fabric covers are good choices. The thickness of the cage cover should be ascertained depending on the overall temperature at your location.

Ideally, handmade cage covers should be avoided unless you are an expert at such stuff as it needs measuring and sewing. You can sew a decorative cage cover out of fleece or some other insulated fabric, especially for winter. But, make sure the fabric is bird-friendly and non-toxic.

  • Shape

Cages are usually of a square, rectangular, or circular shape. Buy a cover corresponding to the shape of the cage so that you don’t end up with a circular cover for a rectangular cage. There should be a front flap that you can open to check on your bird.

  • Cost

These can range from as little as $20 to as pricey as $100, depending on the quality. You should go for something of good quality, which can last for very long as well.

Best Bird Cage Covers with Reviews

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover

This product is perfect for bird owners with large square or rectangular cages. Birds that are kept in groups, like canaries and parakeets like budgies, are usually calmed by this cover as it helps them sleep.


41x27x48 inches, 20x20x29 inches


1. Easy to put on and take off
2. Thin material encourages ventilation
3. Available in large and medium sizes
4. Inexpensive


1. It does not completely black-out the cage
2. You cannot use it on hanging cages

Pets Product Universial Birdcage Cover-PONY DANCE

This cover is especially effective at blocking out all noise and light from the inhabitants of the cage, encouraging proper sleep.


36×25.5×48.5 inches


1. Blocks UV rays and sunlight
2. Fade resistant, comes with a handle
3. Extra large size


1. Flaps do not have anything to fasten them with

Vision Small Bird Cage Night Cover

Especially good at reducing noise, this is an excellent choice for bird owners who have the S02 bird cage from Vision.


15x19x33 inches


1. Velcro and slits let you cover the entire cage, and from every possible side
2. Opening at the top lets you grab the cage if you need to move it


1. Compatible only with thin and tall cages

Dome Top Cage by Cozzzy Covers

This is a good choice if you are looking for a dome shaped cage cover.


28-32×20-24×54 inches


1. Durable and lightweight
2. Thick material for blocking out light


1. A bit too pricey compared to the other products

OMEM Universal Bird Cage Cover

This is a perfect choice for a small hanging cage.


1. Zipper to close it completely
2. Cutting at the top to fit hanging cages


1. Can be a bit too small

Gooday Bird Cage Cover

If you want a cover for a cage you keep outdoor, go for this one.


12x12x15 inches


1. Blocks out rain, wind and sunlight
2. Ideal during winter


1. Size may be too smal

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