Crimson-Bellied Conure

Crimson-bellied conures are birds of the parrot family found in South America. They make excellent pets because of their gentle disposition, lively personality, friendly behavior and not being overly loud.

Quick Information

Also known as Crimson-belly conure, crimson-bellied parakeet
Color Green, yellow-green, blue, brown, blue collar, red breast, abdomen and tail, grey or brown beak, white eye-ring while the eye is dark brown
Size 9.3 in (24 cm)
Weight 2.8-3.3 oz (79-94 g)
Distribution Brazil and Bolivia
Habitat Rainforests of south-central Amazon
Diet Flowers, fruits, seeds, nuts, and berries
Breeding age 2 years
Breeding season April to June and August to November
Clutch size 3-6
Incubation period 23-26 days
Fledging 50 days
Lifespan Around 20 years
IUCN conservation status Vulnerable
Temperament as pets Lively and playful
Maintenance requirement Being hardy, it does not require too much maintenance
Noise level Moderate; quieter than other conures
Talking ability Learns to speak a few words

Crimson-Bellied Conure Bird

Crimson Belly Conure

As pets


Crimson-belied conures are playful and active birds who love to fly around most of the time. This necessitates putting them in a spacious enclosure with dimensions of at least 9x3x6 ft. There should be perches for the bird to sit on, and plenty of chewable toys for adequate enrichment. You might also consider keeping them in pairs,


They do not thrive well if the temperature goes below 50°F (10°C). If it is being kept in places with colder climates, make sure that the enclosure it stays in is a heated one.


This bird is a great choice for apartment dwellers as they are one of the quietest among conures, getting vocal only when excited. They become trustful of their humans quickly. They also are among the most docile among parrots.

Crimson-Bellied Conure Babies

Crimson Bellied Conure Baby


Like their diet in the wild, constitute their diet of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and buds. A quality seed mix can be given every day. Also make millet spray available to them, and vitamin and mineral supplements should also be given regularly.


Crimson-bellied parakeets enjoy a bath, so let them have it every day, or even a few times a day if possible. Clean the enclosure at regular intervals, and ensure to replace the food and water dishes every day with fresh ones. Also, remember to replace the chewed up toys from time to time.

Health problems

These birds are rather hardy and usually, do not suffer from health related issues if they are provided a healthy diet and suitable environment to live in. Chicks have very little immunity and need a lot of care for the first year of their life.


Crimson-bellied conures come within the price range of $450 to $2,500.

Crimson-Bellied Conure Bird

Crimson Bellied Conures

Interesting fact

  • These birds can be easily housed with cockatiels and other smaller parrots, as they are never aggressive with other birds.

Video: Crimson-bellied Conure Doing Tricks



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