Gang-gang Cockatoo

The small-sized cockatoo, scientifically known as Callocephalon fimbriatum, belongs to Cacatuidae family. The sexually dimorphic species has a good longevity so enthusiastic bird lovers should be ready for the commitment. The gang-gang cockatoo is overall a good choice.

Gang-gang Cockatoo

Quick Information

Color Gray body and the crest is red in males and gray in females
Size 12.9-14 in (33-36 cm)
Weight 8.5-11.6 oz (240-328 g)
Distribution South-east Australia
Habitat Woodlands and wet forests
Diet Shrub and tree seeds, nuts, berries and insects
Breeding age 4-5 years
Clutch size 2-3 eggs
Incubation period 27-30 days
Fledging 7 weeks
Lifespan 20-50 years
IUCN Conservation Status List Concern
Temperament as pets Playful
Maintenance requirements Moderate
Noise level Quiet mostly but at times emits screeching call
Talking ability Good
Gang Gang Cockatoo Image
Gang Gang Cockatoo Bird

As pets


A suspended cage with a size of 5X5X10 ft (LxWxD) for aviaries is good while for a room, choose a moderately spacious one.


Gang-gang cockatoos are known for living in cooler temperatures but they can withstand slightest changes. Usually, average room temperatures are the best for these birds.


The playful bird spends a lot of time with toys inside the cage. Basically it has an active personality, so sitting idle is not its forte. Also, boredom can lead to feather plucking and other behavioral problems. The bird likes to enjoy the company of its owner for an extended period.

Female Gang Gang Cockatoo
Baby Gang Gang Cockatoo


A combination of pelleted diet along with fruits and vegetables is the key for maintaining a healthy eating habit for gang-gang cockatoos. The three items should be given in one third proportions (each). Occasional treats like meats are good for breeding pairs. Apart from this, nuts could also be included from time to time.


Your time and energy both are required for the well-being of your gang-gang cockatoo. From bathing to feeding, everything has to be in a proper order, without getting skipped. If you decide to leave the bird out of the cage for a few minutes, rather hours, then keep a watchful eye as it might hurt itself from the fan or furniture.

The bird and the cage and everything that it uses should be kept clean.

Health problems

The otherwise healthy birds can be susceptible to psittacosis, feather picking, and lung infection. A routine lifestyle is the best way to prevent any sort of health issues, but if anything happens even after that, a vet is always a call away.

Picture of a Gang Gang Cockatoo
Gang Gang Cockatoo Picture


A single bird costs $1,438-$17 98.

Interesting fact

The Australian Capital Territory has gang-gang cockatoo as its faunal insignia.

Video: Gang-gang Cockatoo Making Noise



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