Gloster Canary (Gloster Fancy Canary)

Gloster canary, a song bird originating in England is one of the most esteemed types of canary bird. They are not sexually dimorphic although females have a rounder abdomen. Males seem to have a sweet singing ability.This canary is usually divided into two types, the one with a round crest (bowl cut) is known as gloster corona while the flat headed is known as gloster Consort.

Gloster Canary

Gloster Canary

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Actiniform
Class Elasmobranchii
Order Passeriformes
Family Fringillidae
Genus Serinus
Scientific name Serinus canaria domesticus
Gloster Canaries

Gloster Canaries

Gloster Canary Images

Gloster Canary Images

Quick Information

Other names Gloster Fancy Canary
Size Around 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
Wingspan 7.8-9.0 inches (20-30cm)
Weight 12-29 gm
Color Either Grizzle, red, yellow, moss green with white patches, or brown, cinnamon and blue with streaks of white
Distribution Macaronesian Islands inclusive of the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores
Species Canaria
Habitat Groves of Semi-open land
Sound Sweet song, chirping and mimicking
Clutch 4-5 eggs
Incubation Period 2 weeks
Lifespan 10-15 years
Diet Fruits and seeds
IUCN Conservation Status Least concern
Gloster Canary Baby

Gloster Canary Baby

Gloster Canary Pictures

Gloster Canary Pictures

As pets

This is a preferred choice as a pet because of its docile deportment and beautiful coloration.


Hang a commodious flight cage with a dimension of 20X15X15 inches and vertical bars and perches sizing 3/8inches made of softwood or tree branches for its feet exercise and keeping its nail in shape.

Separate bowls for food and water along with bathing space should be placed inside the cage.

It does not require any toys or other accessories, but you can provide papers at the base along with a swing.

Add a moderate size nest box (earthenware or ceramic) with raw cotton and tissue papers inside the cage.


They can bear maximum 60°-70° F during daytime which can go down up to 40° F in the nighttime.

Gloster Canary Bird

Gloster Canary Bird


This peace loving friendly bird loves to twitter all day and amuse its owner with sweet singing capability.  Some hand-reared birds are often prone to imitate sounds of calling bell or ringtones. A single male canary is likely to sing more often. It also likes to fly from one perch to another.

Unlike parakeets, it does not throw any tantrum if it does not get human attention and can stay happy if housed in pairs. However, keeping two male birds together is not a good option as they are often territorial and aggressive towards each other.


Commercial pellets enriched with vitamins and minerals, leafy vegetables, fruits (except citrus as it leads to diarrhea) and seed mix are good for your pet. You can offer dandelion once in a while as it is good for any canary bird.

Gloster Fancy Canary

Gloster Fancy Canary


Cleaning of the cage along with the accessories weekly is required for providing a tidy atmosphere to your pet.  Refill the cleaned food and water bowls with fresh food and water every day. Change the toys (if any) and the papers from the cage in every three to four days.

Ensure its bathing on a regular basis in cold water for enhancing its feather during summer and at least once in a week in other times, but make sure it does not bathe too much or else it may catch a cold. Warm water should not be given as it might excite its skin irritation.

Clipping of nails should also be done whenever necessary.

Keep the cage covered at night to avoid any draft and ensure a sound sleep.

Gloster Canary Bowl Cut

Gloster Canary Bowl Cut

Health problems

It does not show any sign of illness if kept under proper care. But if you find your pet having diarrhea, rapid weight loss, feather lump and baldness, consider it is ill and consult with a professional vet.


A solitary gloster canary will cost you between $50 and $100.

Interesting facts

  • Due to the beautiful feathered crown of gloster corona it was often considered as crested canary until 1925.
  • The beautiful crest is also known as the “Beatles Haircut”.
Yellow Gloster Canary

Yellow Gloster Canary

Video: Gloster canary sound



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