Princess Parrot

Princess parrot is a medium sized Australian parakeet known for its striking coloration and gentle disposition. Due to its good reputation as pets, it is one of the ideal options for the first time bird owners. So, if you are willing to own a princess parrot as your feathered companion, here are some useful points to keep in mind.

Princess Parrot

Quick Information

Other Names Princess of Wales Parakeet, Queen Alexandra Parrot, Rose-Throated Parakeet, Alexandra’s Parakeet, Spinifex Parrot
Color Green plumage, pink throat, green shoulders, blue rump. Males exhibit a red beak, blue crown and orange irises, while females have a paler beak, gray crown and brown irises. Baby parrots are similar to females and they have black irises.
Size Male: 18.1-18.9in(46-48 cm)
Female:15.5-16.14 in(39.5-41 cm)
Weight Male: Around 4.2 oz(120 gm)
Female: Around 3.8 oz(110gm)
Distribution Australia
Habitat Deserts and sun dunes, arid woodlands
Diet Grass and shrub seeds, flowers, fruits
Breeding age November-January
Clutch Size 3-6 eggs
Incubation period 19-21 days
Fledging 5 weeks
Lifespan 15-30 years
IUCN conservation status  Near Threatened
Temperament as pets Sociable and curious
Maintenance requirements Medium
Noise level Mostly moderate but loud especially in dawn and dusk
Talking ability Some can talk


  • Lutino
  • Blue( blue winged princess parrot and the ones with dark blue heads and wings)
  • Albino ( combination of lutino and blue)
  • White lime
  • Violet
  • Pied
  • Yellow

Princess Parrot Birds

Lutino Princess Parrot


Keep your princess parrot in an open top, roomy wire cage sizing 35X20X35 inches. It would help the bird to stretch its wings without hurting itself. Also, place some hard twigs, branches of eucalyptus, lilly pilly, or any other tree having flowers and nuts for its beak and leg exercise. However, the cage should be covered at night to protect the bird from draft.


This adaptive bird can stay well in high and low temperatures.


Princess parrots are endearing and easy to tame birds, enjoying some out of the cage time for a few hours daily. Hand raised birds can learn to talk to a certain extent and entertain their owners with frequent whistles. Mental stimulating games are their favorite enrichment, and they can spend hours with foraging toys.  The bird is a choosy one when it comes to preferring its owner, meaning it can show an inclination towards any particular member of a family with whom it loves to spend time.

These parrots are not bossy or domineering if housed with other species, but it might cause stress in them.

Princess Parrot Bird

Parrot Princess


A seed mix of white millet, canary and sunflower is good for them as well as some parrot mix, fresh fruits, and vegetables.


As this bird is curious, always keep it under your supervision, especially when it is out of its cage. Moreover, it is not fussy about the constant companionship of its owner, so you don’t have to stay in front of it all the time. Still, provide quality time and look after your pet to keep it both mentally and physically healthy.

Health problems

A princess parrot is susceptible to psittacosis, eye infection or any other bacterial infection, and respiratory diseases. Also, nasal discharge, diarrhea, fluffed up feathers and lethargy are some common symptoms you should look out for as they indicate serious health problems.

Princess Parrots

Princess Parrot as Pets


A single princess parrot costs around $60- $156 while a pair is available within $208-$297.

Interesting facts

  • The bird was named after a royal lady, Princess Alexandra of Denmark.
  • Male and female, both are called princess.
  • Male parrots have extended long feathers known as spatula.
  • The blue mutation was first observed in the aviary of Mr. George Ruddle.
  • Unlike their cousins, these parrots join in mobbing to ward off their predators in the wild.
  • There are various hybrids of these parrots as a result of cross breeding.

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