Ringneck Parakeet

The ringneck parakeet (Psittacula krameri), belonging to the Parrot family, is a beautiful bird characterized by a yellowish-green plumage, long tail and a rounded, hooked bill of pinkish-red color. Being dimorphic, adult males are seen with a black or red thin line encircling their neck, whereas the females may display dark gray or no such ring-like marks at all.

Ringneck Parakeet

Ringneck Parakeet

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Psittaciformes
Superfamily Psittacoidea
Family Psittaculidae
Subfamily Psittaculinae
Tribe Psittaculini
Genus Psittacula
Scientific Name Psittacula krameri
Ringneck Parakeet Images

Ringneck Parakeet Images

Ringneck Parakeet Photos

Ringneck Parakeet Photos

Quick Information

Distribution India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, Tibet, Northern and Western Africa, also introduced in North America, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Habitat Tropical lowlands, thickets, bushy areas, valleys, open countryside.
Color Green, Yellow, Blue, Grey, White
Size About 40 cm
Wingspan 42cm to 45cm
Weight 115gm to 130gm
Diet Seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, buds
Lifespan About 25 to 30 days
Egg hatching time 22 to 24 days
Clutch size 3 to 6 eggs
Fledging  40 to 45 days
 IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern


  • African rose-ringed parakeet (P.k. krameri)
  • Abyssinian rose-ringed parakeet (P.k. parvirostris)
  • Indian rose-ringed parakeet (P.k manillensis)
  • Boreal rose-ringed parakeet (P.k borealis)


The ringneck parakeet comes in several appealing color mutations which are as follows:

  • White (Albinos)
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Lutino ( Yellow)
  • Apple green
  • Cinnamon
  • Pied
Blue Ringneck Parakeet

Blue Ringneck Parakeet

Yellow Ringneck Parakeet

Yellow Ringneck Parakeet


These birds, characterized by a shrill, screeching voice, are very noisy during social gatherings or roosts.

Ringneck parakeet care

The gregarious, outgoing nature of the parakeets makes them a popular choice for pets.


A large, spacious cage, about 60cm in width, 45cm in depth and 90cm in height, is required for these highly active birds to fly around freely and comfortably. Arrange for softwood or natural perches and keep them at a height to prevent any friction with the bird’s long tail during flight.

Cage accessories

Placing swings and ladders in the cage will be a good option for these great climbers. As they are very fond of chewing, keep safe, chewable, wooden or foot toys in their dwelling place.


Ringneck Parakeet Housing

Ringneck Parakeet Housing

Nest box

Vertical or tall nest boxes, having a size of 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 45cm should be kept in the cage.

Ringneck Parakeet Nest Box

Ringneck Parakeet Nest Box


The cage should be kept away from direct sunlight and cold drafts as these hardy birds are unable to withstand extreme temperatures.


Providing sufficient sunlight during the day is essential for a proper physical and mental health of the bird. When kept indoors, placing an ultraviolet bulb over the cage helps in synthesizing Vitamin D, essential for good bone health.


These intelligent, sociable birds are gifted with the skill of mimicking human speech. Known for their noisy disposition, they can go to the extent of screaming when teased. This easily-bored species should be kept engaged in some activities to help them get rid of their trait of plucking their feathers, often done out of boredom. They display certain behavioral traits such as nipping, biting and hissing during the bluffing period, due to certain hormonal changes that occur as they advance towards adulthood. It is essential to be gentle and casual with the bird at this time.


Ringneck Parakeet Pictures

Ringneck Parakeet Pictures


Proper socialization and behavioral training should be imparted to help them mingle in a friendly way with other pets, as well as lessen their fascination for chewing. If you want your parakeet to talk, speak to the pet as much as possible or use a recorded CD to teach it a variety of words.


Their diet should comprise of pellets, organic seeds, green vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. They are extremely fond of nuts that may be given to them occasionally as a snack or as an incentive for carrying out an order. Though these birds love pecking at anything within their reach, it is advisable not to feed them with avocados, chocolate, caffeine or fruit seeds. Providing fresh, clean chlorine-free drinking water at the bottom of the cage is also necessary.

Ringneck Parakeet Eggs

Ringneck Parakeet Eggs

Baby Ringneck Parakeet

Baby Ringneck Parakeet


Take proper care of your pet parakeets by bathing them on a regular basis, clipping their wings and trimming their nails when required. Cleaning the cage with a proper disinfectant, disposing of the loose materials in the cage and replacing the substrates regularly is essential to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment.

Health Problems

The common diseases and ailments faced by these birds include respiratory problems, eye infections, mites, enlargement of the thyroid gland, diarrhea, egg binding, vomiting, inflammation of the sinus, polyoma (Viral infection), Pacheco’s disease and parrot fever (Psittacosis). A sick bird is identified by ruffled feathers, reduced intake of food, watery droppings, cloudy eyes, difficulty in breathing and lessened activity.


This bird comes with a price tag of around $30o.

Interesting Facts

  • The ringneck parakeet is monogamous, having a single partner throughout their life.
  • During mating, the females roll their eyes, drawing semicircles with their head while fluttering their wings.
  • This species is referred to as the Indian ring neck parrot in Australia, United States, Great Britain and other western countries.
  • The scientific name of this bird has been given after Wilhelm Heinrich Kramer, the Austrian naturalist.


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