White-fronted Amazon

Scientifically known as Amazona albifrons, the white-fronted Amazon is a small parrot. The entertaining nature of the bird makes it a good choice of avid bird lovers as far as having a companion bird is concerned.

White-fronted Amazon

Quick Information

Other names White-fronted parrot, spectacled Amazon, white-browed Amazon
Color Green body, white patches on forehead, red borders around the eyes, blue feathers on the outside of the wings
Size Around 9.8 in (25 cm)
Weight 6.5-8.7 oz (184-246 g)
Subspecies and Distribution A. a. albifrons or white-fronted Amazon (southwestern Guatemala to western Mexico)
A. a. nana or lesser white-fronted Amazon (Northwestern Costa Rica to southeastern Mexico)
A. a. saltuensis or sonora white-fronted Amazon (northwestern Mexcio)
Habitat Cactus savannahs and rainforests
Diet Fruits, seeds, and vegetables
Breeding season February-July (Spring)
Clutch size 3-4 eggs
Incubation period Around 26 days
Fledging 7-8 weeks
Lifespan 30-40 years
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Temperament as pets Social
Maintenance requirement Medium
Noise level  Moderately noisy
Talking ability Good
White-fronted Amazon Bird
White-fronted Amazon Parrot

As pets


Big cages are recommended as the bird is an acrobatic one and prefers to move around all the time. Also, some chewing and climbing toys should be there inside.

Nest box can be around 12X12X24 in with a vertical shape.


As the bird is capable of enduring a wide range of climates, you can keep it at your room temperatures, but the atmosphere should be free of draft.


The active bird quickly bonds with its owner and often tends to become a one-person bird, but if socialized from an early age with lots of people, it can be a good friend. With an outstanding ability to memorize 30-40 words along with a singing capability, the bird will not let you get bored at all, whenever around you. Although during the adolescence, the bird might act grumpy and unpredictable, but that is not permanent and not all pet birds go through the rough phase.


Pelleted foods are the best-in-class solution, but along with it, fresh fruits and vegetables like zucchini, green leaves, green beans, celery can be given from time to time. Sprouted sunflower seeds, cooked beans are other occasional choices.

Avocado and chocolates should not be given at any cost, as they are toxic to white-fronted Amazons.

White-fronted Amazon Female
Baby White-fronted Amazon


Attention to its mental and physical needs is the only thing you need to be concerned about. Besides supplying water and food properly, make sure you give the bird some “free” time as in to let it stay outside the cage, of course under your supervision. This time is to be utilized for exercise by stretching its muscles as the bird often gains weight.

Bathing everyday with warm water is also mandatory, not only is this hygienic, but also it helps maintain the color of beautiful plumage.

Health problems

Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections are common things troubling the bird. Also, psittacosis or parrot fever, intestinal infections, and allergies are also observed in the birds.


The price ranges from $799-$1,000.

Interesting Facts

  • This is the smallest bird of the genus Amazona.

Video: White-fronted Amazon Playing


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