Yellow-crowned Amazon

Yellow-crowned Amazons are scientifically known as Amazona ochrocephala. Like other Amazons, these birds showcase an affectionate behavior for which bird enthusiasts love to pet them. Their longevity in care is highly commendable as they can outlive their owners.

Yellow Crowned Amazon

Quick Information

Other Names Yellow-crowned parrot, Yellow-fronted Amazon
Color Green body with a yellow patch on the head, red tinges in the wings
Size 12-15 in (30-38 cm)
Wingspan 7-8 in
Weight 13-20 oz (380-560 g)
  • Amazona o. xantholaema
  • Amazona o. panamensis
Distribution Panama and South Africa
Habitat Savannah, woodland, tropical dry and humid  forests, mangroves, and cultivated lands
Diet Fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds
Breeding season December-May
Breeding age 3 years
Clutch size 2-4 eggs
Incubation period 26-28 days
Fledging 60 days
Lifespan 60-90 years in captivity
IUCN Conservation Status      Least Concern
Temperament as pets  Agile
Maintenance requirement Moderate
Noise level        High
Talking ability Pretty good

Yellow Crowned Amazon Images

Yellow Crowned Amazon Pictures

As pets


Installing a cage having a size of 30x36x48 inches is required as the active bird often extends its wings and keeps on moving. For its enrichment include differently sized perches, non-destructible toys, along with pine, fir, and willow branches.

For a nest box, 12 x 12x 24 inches is the ideal diameter.


Despite its enduring capacity, keep the pet always at room temperatures.

Behavior and Temperament

The easy-going bird appreciates and enjoys human proximity to a great extent. Conversing with the bird on a regular basis will help it learn new words and later repeat them. The talking ability depends on each bird. It might get noisy frequently, but that is not a red flag, as it is the nature of the bird to express loudly. The wonder doesn’t end here as it can sing melodiously, and training and taming the bird is easier than you can think.

Yellow Crowned Amazon Baby

Yellow Crowned Amazon Flying


Give it a moderate amount of fruits like pomegranate, apple, banana, orange and pear, vegetables like beans, carrot, and green leaves. Once in a while, you can give cooked beans as well.


The bowls of food and water should be cleaned every day, at least twice. For bathing the pet, choose either a shower or a shallow bowl of water.

Health problems

Lipomas, pox-virus infections, vitamin A deficiency, fatty liver, metal poisoning, and liver cancer are common in these birds.


The range is $1,799-$1,999.

Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot

Interesting Facts

  • Like other parrots, Amazons don’t have vocal cords and their sound come from the trachea.
  • Yellow-naped Amazon and yellow-headed Amazons are often considered to be the subspecies of Yellow-crowned Amazons.

Video: Talking Yellow-crowned Amazon



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