Yellow-Crested Cockatoo

The yellow-crested cockatoo, much similar to its cousin the sulphur-crested cockatoo in appearance is commonly found at an elevation of 1200 meters off sea level. It happens to be a beautiful cockatoo species with males being larger than the females.

Yellow Crested Cockatoo

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Psittaciformes
Superfamily: Cacatuoidea
Family: Cacatuidae
Subfamily: Cacatuinae
Tribe: Cacatuini
Genus: Cacatua
Subgenus: Cacatua
Scientific Name Cacatua sulphurea


Quick Information

Other names Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo, Timor cockatoo, Dwarf sulphur-crested cockatoo
Size 12.8-14 in (32.5-35.56cm)
Weight 250-400 gm
Color White body, bluish-white orbital skin with gray bill and feet. Yellow crest, ear patches and underside flight feathers.
Distribution Sulawesi Island of Indonesia, East Timor, Lesser Sunda Islands
  • Cacatua sulphurea sulphurea
  • Cacatua sulphurea parvula (Timor sulphur-crested cockatoo)
  • Cacatua sulphurea abbotti (Abbott’s lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo)
  • Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata (citron-crested cockatoo)
  • Cacatua sulphurea djampeana
  • Cacatua sulphurea paulandrewi
  • Cacatua sulphurea occidentalis
Habitat Cultivated land and wooded area
Sound   Screeching, whistling, and squeaking. Sweet sound emits in a full moon.
Clutch 2-3 eggs
Incubation period 24-28 days
Fledging 8-10 weeks
Lifespan Around 40 years
Diet Fruits, buds,  and nuts
IUCN Conservation Status Critically Endangered

As pets

Due to its shy and docile demeanor, many people across the world have come forward to adopt them as pets.

Yellow Crested Cockatoo Bird

Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Provide a spacious cage sizing 24X24X36 inches which will be favorable for your pet’s movement and flight. If possible you can arrange an outdoor cage secured with a good locking system. Place some chewable materials like wooden blocks or branches inside the cage.

If you decide to install a nest box make sure the size to be of 12X12X24 inches.


A moderate temperature will be ideal for yellow-crested cockatoos.


These adorable birds have a curious mind always looking forward to some activities with gusto. They cannot talk properly, but if trained they can entertain you with some tricks. If kept in pairs, they stay satisfied with their mates all the time.

Yellow Crested Cockatoo Flying

Yellow Crested Cockatoo Baby


Vegetables, fresh fruits, and pellets should be given on a daily basis. Do not give it foods containing high fat to prevent obesity. Once in a while, you may give your bird millets as a treat.


Regular bathing is required for keeping the plumage in good condition. If needed, gently dry your pet with the help of a blow dryer afterward. Clip its primary flight feathers so that it can glide whenever it wishes to.

Let your pet spend some quality time outside in the fresh air and daylight daily. Try to introduce your young pet with all members of your family and let it socialize well with them.

Health problems

Common problems that yellow-crested cockatoos are susceptible to are psittacine beak and feather disease, proventricular dilation disease, fungal and bacterial infection, feather picking, sarcocystis and chlamydophilia infection. A routine check-up of your pet by a professional vet will minimize the chance of such health complications.


Like it’s cousin the sulphur-crested cockatoo, the yellow-cockatoo also comes with a price tag between $500-$1,000.

Yellow Crested Cockatoo Pictures

Yellow Crested Cockatoos

Interesting facts

  • The total number of yellow-crested cockatoos decreased mostly during 1980, making them an endangered species.
  • The famous TV series Baretta once featured a cockatoo named Lessor who was believed to be a yellow-crested cockatoo, but later on it turned out to be a medium sulphur-crested cockatoo.

Yellow-crested cockatoo dance video



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