Red-Lored Amazon

Red-lored Amazon, also known as the red-lored parrot, is a medium-sized bird, native to certain parts of the Americas. Usually found at an elevation of about 1100 m, the species has ventured out into other locations, leaving their native habitat, adapting to newer conditions well, as they are known to have established feral populations in many regions of California.

Red Lored Amazon

Red Lored Amazon

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Psittaciformes
Superfamily Psittacoidea
Family Psittacidae
Subfamily Arinae
Tribe Androglossini
Genus Amazona
Species Amazona autumnalis
Red Lored Amazon Parrots

Red Lored Amazon Parrots

Quick Information

Other Names Yellow-cheek Amazon, Primrose-cheeked Amazon
  1. Amazona autumnalis salvini
  2. Amazona autumnalis lilacina
  3. Amazona autumnalis diadema
Size 32-35 cm (13 in)
Wingspan 15-17 in (38-43 cm)
Weight 310-480 g
Color Green plumage with a red forehead and yellow cheeks, the lower portion of the beak is gray while the upper portion is light-horn colored, the crown is blue with light to dark gray feet; males and females look alike.

The juveniles have dark irises with dull plumage;

Distribution Central America, northern South America particularly eastern part of Mexico, western Equador
Habitat Tropical rainforests, humid evergreen, and semi-deciduous forests
Sound and Call They make varieties of noises from high-pitched to trilling sounds; occasional rippling noises and short notes can also be heard
Clutch 3 to 4 eggs
Incubation Period 25 to 26 days
Lifespan They are known to live for around 70-80 years
Diet They eat fruits, nuts, and seeds
IUCN Conservation status Least Concern
Red Lored Amazon Parrot

Red Lored Amazon Parrot

Red-lored Amazon as pets

Housing and cage accessories

Minimum recommended cage size is 2.6 ft x 2.6ft x 4ft. The cage should be big enough to house several perches for the bird to move around and climb freely as also for chewing as they enjoy it. Toys should be kept inside the cage for amusement purposes.


It should be kept in mind to bathe the bird as they are rainforest parrots and are known to enjoy a shower.

Red Lored Amazon Bird

Red Lored Amazon Bird

Personality and behavior

They make great pets as they are known to be quite intelligent and active. Their personality largely depends on how they are being treated. The parrots possess an amiable temperament while sometimes they do become aggressive, especially during the breeding season. This trait can be changed by proper training from an early stage when the bird is young. They are well known for their mimicking ability.

Red-lored Amazon possesses strong body language, making it simpler for the owner to ascertain the parrot’s mood and deal accordingly.

Red Lored Amazon Baby

Red Lored Amazon Baby


High-quality pellet food with nutritious seed mixes should be given to them. In addition, regular servings of fresh fruits and vegetables are also recommended.

Red Lored Amazon Pictures

Red Lored Amazon Pictures

Health problems

They are pretty hardy, seldom falling sick when proper care is taken. However, they are prone to some illnesses which include some allergies, parrot fever (psittacosis) as well as other viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Feather picking, heavy metal poisoning, and kidney diseases are some of the other ailments the species is associated with. Symptoms to look out for include ruffled plumage, drooping wings, extreme mood swings, diminishing appetite, any swelling in the body or of the eyelids, and any noticeable changes in the feces. Consulting a veterinary doctor at the first sign of any health problem is highly recommended.


A red-lored Amazon can be bought for a sum of $900.

Red Lored Amazon Images

Red Lored Amazon Images

Interesting facts

  • In the wild, red-lored Amazon is known to roost with as many as 800 birds at the same site.
  • Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus was the first to describe the Red-lored Amazon in 1758.
  • If trained properly at an early age, they can become excellent talkers and singers.

Video: Red Lored Amazon Talking



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