Shamrock Macaw

Shamrock macaws (Ara macao x Ara militaris), being a cross between a scarlet macaw and a military macaw, are first generation hybrids. Shamrocks are mainly bred for their robust colorations, but some of them have a friendly nature that they inherit from their parents. They are more similar to their father (mostly a scarlet) than their mother in terms of their graceful appearance.

Quick Information

Color Green, red and blue body, white eye rings, gray beak and feet
Size 27.5-35.3 in(70-90 cm)
Weight 1.75-2.4lbs (794-1123 g)
Lifespan Around 50 years
Temperament as pets Sensitive
Maintenance requirements Needs regular care
Noise level High
Talking ability Medium

Shamrock Macaw Images

Shamrock Macaw Photos

As pets


Since they are to spend most of the time inside a cage, you should provide a commodious cage sizing 40X30X60 inches with a minimum bar spacing of 1 ½ inches. Due to their strong chewing capacity, they should be given a sturdy cage preferably made of a powder-coated metal along with some manzanita perches to live in. Your pet should be able to move and climb independently inside it without a hitch, so make sure you do not stuff it with too many chewable toys and perches.


Shamrocks are comfortable within a range of 65°F -70°F. Minor changes in the temperatures are bearable for them, but only for a shorter period.

Personality and Temperament

Much like their parents, Shamrocks are mostly one person birds and feel comfortable in the presence of their preferred human. Some are timid and docile and make a perfect companion bird, while some are excessively grumpy and hard to understand with occasional mood swings and crankiness. They are also intelligent, and some of them can learn to talk.


To ensure your pet’s protein intake, include brown rice, fresh vegetables, fruits, millet seeds and other nutritious edibles. Never give it chocolate, avocado and uncooked or undercooked poultry items and meat.

Shamrock Macaw Bird

Shamrock Macaw in Flight


Raising a Shamrock is a challenging task as these birds need your assistance to open up emotionally. If you are the comfort person for your pet, then try to understand what it wants and when it wants as each bird is different and there is no universal rule for treating them. Also, most of these birds remain incapable of understanding their owner’s mood unless they form a great bond. For that, you need to bestow your pet with love and attention.

When your pet becomes socialized well, keep it on a play pen for a few hours daily for its enrichment.

Health problems

Proventricular dilation disease, psittacosis, bacterial, fungal or viral infections and allergies can affect your Shamrock. So, you must consult a professional vet in this regard.


Baby Shamrocks cost around $2,850.00.

Shamrock Macaws

Shamrock Macaw Pictures

Interesting facts

  • The base colors of all Shamrocks are same, but the strokes are different and unique for each bird.
  • Breeders have crossed Shamrock macaws with scarlet macaws and Harlequin macaws to beget even more colorful macaw birds.

Video: Shamrock Macaw Dance



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